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1. PB Nights (Go to the Club Events page for PB Night dates)

PB Nights (or aggregate nights) are held throughout the season. The dates for PB nights are listed in the IAP Calendar. PB nights typically include the following.

(a) Scratch races. Scratch races are timed races where all swimmers get a time recorded on their time card. Scratch race results are used to determine the annual PB ribbon awards and are intended to allow swimmers to gauge their progress.

(b) Club Trophy events. Trophy events are handicapped races based on swimmers current times for the event.

(c) Social gatherings: Includes dinner after PB (Club Aggregates / Time Trials) nights. May be held in the old canteen if its available, otherwise around the pool or at one of the many cafes in the local area.

Races normally take approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. Parents are needed to act as time keepers so that all swimmers have accurate times recorded for their swims.

IAP Club Captain nomination Form.pdf

2. External Meets

The club encourages swimmers to attend external meets run by other clubs, Metro North region and Swimming Victoria.  Meets that the club's coaches think are sutable for swimmers are listed in the IAP Calendar. Meets that attracts sufficient interest from swimmers will have coaching support. Parents need to be involved to provide transport and to assist with team management.

3. Swim-a-thon

Swim-a-thon is a challenge for all our club members to swim as many laps as they can within two hours. This is a great opportunity to raise valuable funds for the Ivanhoe Swimming Club and the charity of choice.


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