Coach's Corner

Coach's Awards

Coach's Awards are presented at PB nights for a swimmer in each squad level. The Head Coach will select swimmers based on effort and performance during training sessions.  Winners will get a certificate and a $25 Aqua Shop voucher.

Squad Level Assessment

Each term the coaches will conduct a swimming assessment of Junior and Intermediate squad swimmers. The purpose of the assessment is to help us understand and find out each swimmer’s strengths, weaknesses and what we need to improve. Here is an explanation and clarification of the assessment:

Junior Squad assessment is based on stroke technique instead of speed. Swimming is a technique driven sport.  It is very important to develop correct technique at a young age in order to minimise resistance, being able to swim faster and longer, as well as avoid unnecessary shoulder injury in the future. For this squad level, developing good technique is the priority. Therefore, it is the swimmers with the right technique, start and turns who will be moving to the next level.

Intermediate Squad assessment focuses on stroke technique for all four strokes, turns and start, and also overall performance through a designed test set. The target pace (speed) of test is set according to the Senior Squad’s set structure, pace and time cycles. Only those who made the speed and endurance criteria will be moved to the next level. Attendance and overall performance at training and swimming meets in the current term is also part of consideration.

If you have any queries or concerns about the assessment please get in touch with Yu Dong at pool deck before/after training. Swimmers who have not been moved to the next level should not be discouraged or too concerned about the results, but instead focus on areas for improvement in the next term. We encourage you to read this article about long term athlete development.


Eating for Training and Competition

Good nutrition is essential for swimmers! Please download this guide on Eating for Training and Competition.doc


Long Term Athlete Development

Swimming is a technique driven sport. I encourage you to read this article about Long term athlete development.pdf


Stroke Technique Checklist

Pay attention to stroke technique, which will help you swim smarter, faster and for longer - StrokeTechnique Checklists.pdf


Stretch and activation exercises

Stretching and activation is essential before and after training - Stretch and Activation Exercises.pdf


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